Ballet barre works

Ballet Barre Works is our signature class. It is a full body workout done ballet style. We use the barre to support us through basic ballet exercises choreographed to energizing music. This workout will get you moving, sweating and mastering the art of Ballet. Strengthen and lengthen muscles, build grace, musicality, flexibility and a love of dance. Suitable for all ages and levels, graceful or not!

Each class starts with a warm-up then moves into either a mat series or standing centre work. We then move to the barre to do a set series from the BBW Syllabus. Each teacher is assigned a series for the month so that students can really master the exercises within that series. If you want consistency, choose a teacher to follow for the month. If you love variety, switch up your teachers! There are currently 18 different set BBW Series. 


ballet beats

This cardio ballet class will get your heart pumping. This class does not incorporate the barre, does not use equipment and has a follow-along feel. The instructor will guide you through set sequences choreographed to amazing music! The sweat will be dripping!!! This class is not recommended for first-timers unless you have dance experience. 


Ballet Lift

A little less dance, the same intense burn! This class focuses on strength and stamina while using ankle weights and hand weights. We maintain our ballet posture to execute defining exercises choreographed to motivating music. Strength and balance are challenged in this whole body workout. This class is a combination of both mat and standing series. Weights are optional and we offer 1-3 lb hand weights. 


Barre Fusion

The instructor will create a mix of our signature Ballet Barre Works class with one other style for each Barre Fusion class.  You may get a Barre/Lift or Barre/Beats or Barre/Arms or Barre/Mats, etc. Let the unknown surprise and inspire you. 


The Works

This class goes a little like this... warm-up, cardio, arms, cardio, mats, cardio, core, cardio, stretch. It's a whole lot of action jammed into one tiny hour of your day. You will have nothing left to get done. 



Mats, mats and more mats. We warm-up and then become one with our mats. These set series will focus on butt, legs, and core. Ankle weights optional. Please inform us if you have knee or ankle troubles and we can help with modifications. 


barre + yoga

Are you always trying to choose between Barre and Yoga? Choose no more with our new Barre+Yoga. 40-45 Minutes of carefully selected exercises from Ballet Lift, Grounded, The Works and BBW, followed by 30-35 minutes of strengthening and lengthening Yoga. A match made in heaven. 


Mom/dad and Baby BBW

This class is a Ballet Barre Works class designed for moms/dads with babies that are not yet crawling. The class begins with baby on a blanket so mom/dad can warm-up and get moving. We will complete the first 20-30 minutes of class in the centre and then get baby into a baby-carrier for the barre portion of class. We will finish back on the mats for stretching. The music is quieter and we create a supportive environment with freedom to put baby first. 


Classical Ballet

Get back to the inspiration behind Ballet Barre Works. This traditional ballet class is the perfect introduction to ballet. The focus is on technique and simplicity. We start with exercises at the barre and then move into centre work and across-the-floor. Pirouettes optional! All levels welcome. Please wear Ballet slippers or non-grip socks. 


long and strong

At Ballet Barre Works, we believe that strength and flexibility go hand in hand, this is a class to help you master both. We'll begin with a high energy warm up, flow into some cardio and stabilize with some core, all set to energizing music. From there we'll work on developing active flexibility that tests both balance and strength. Come prepared to sweat, smile, and leave refreshed! All levels welcome.



This class is a coaching class, similar to a yoga posture clinic. We will go through basic ballet movements to solidify our technique. It is a great way to get deeper into the movement and have a chance to ask questions and move at a slower pace. You will still get a workout but the focus is more on learning and mastering the Ballet Barre Works technique! You will be given tools to enhance all of your BBW classes. This is not a regularly scheduled class, watch for workshops. 




We have a 5 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel prior to this window, you will not be charged for the class.  If you cancel within this window, you will be deducted a class if you have a class card or charged a $15 no-show/late-cancel fee if you have an unlimited pass (this includes the 1 month unlimited introductory pass).  If you are on the waitlist and are added to the class prior to this window, the cancellation policy will apply to you also.  Please remember to remove yourself from the waitlist if you no longer want to attend the class. 

Please keep your commitment to class!  We hope this policy will motivate you to get to the studio.  The fee will be applied to your credit card on file or posted to your account for payment at your next class.