Kalyn Swihart created Ballet Beats, a full-body workout experience, to break down the ballet barrier - making ballet accessible to all. Kalyn has spent years creating and refining each exercise in the syllabus and its intentional progression. She applies decades of training, technique and knowledge into the creation of the Ballet Beats experience.

Kalyn holds a BA in dance with a major in ballet from the University of Calgary and Alberta Ballet. Her education emphasized both dance and kinesiology which has supported the marriage of both Classical Ballet technique and fitness to create a unique experience for her students. 

Ballet Beats has many different streams. We have classes offered at our studios in Calgary, Alberta as well as many studios that currently license the program. We offer online streaming, teacher training, and retreats. We hope you take time to learn more about this beautiful community and find a connection to the work we are doing. The joy and support in this community will fill you up. We can't wait to meet you.



Can't find a class-time that fits your schedule? Become part of our Ballet Beats Community wherever you are in this beautiful world. New content released weekly. Dancer or not, you will become a Rebel Ballerina.

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