What should I wear to class?

Yoga type clothing, capris and a tank. We also LOVE bodysuits:) Something comfortable. We usually go barefoot but bring socks in case you feel more comfortable.

What should I bring?

Water! We have a sink for water at 4th Street and a water cooler at Marda. We do not sell water but do have small reusable cups that you may use. We supply yoga mats and any required equipment.

Where are you located?

Our 4th Street studio is in the basement of 1410 4th Street SW, there is no front desk so come down the stairs and right into the studio when you arrive. The Marda Loop studio is located inside of Holy Martyr Peter Orthodox Church on the corner of 17th Street and 33rd Ave SW. Entrance is on 17th Street, go up the stairs and through the double-doors. 

Is there a change room?

We have a small changing area and a bathroom at 4th St. but most students come ready to go as the studio is quite small. Marda Loop studio has a bigger changeroom. We do not have showers or large changerooms but sure have great classes:)

Is Dance or Ballet experience required?

No. Our classes accommodate both dancers and non-dancers but be warned, you will become a dancer.

What does a Ballet Barre Works class typically look like?

Each class has a warm-up, mat work, exercises at the barre, lots of stretching.

What class is the least dance-based?

Ballet Lift is a class that uses weights and ankle weights to do strengthening exercises. It is the class with the least amount of dancing. Please know that no dance experience is required for any of our styles but this is a great class for those who aren't into the dancing!

What level of fitness is required?

All levels of fitness are welcome and the classes are multi-level. The first few classes will be a bit tough but once you get the hang of it, you will see improvements quickly.

What if I am un-coordinated?

We will help you to gain co-ordination and grace! Ballet is one of best activities to develop a mind-body connection. We work your brain and body at the same time! You will also gain a better sense of musicality by taking our classes! 

How do I pay for class?

We STRONGLY recommend you sign-up in advance and pay for your class online. The classes fill-up quickly so it’s best to reserve your spot in advance. If you prefer to pay at the studio, please email info@balletbarreworks.com for us to add you to class. You are still required to set up a profile in advance.

When does the studio open?

The studio is open a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day.

What if I have injuries? What if I am pregnant? 

You are welcome to modify any exercises in the class, please inform the instructor prior to taking class to ensure we can help you stay safe and comfortable! We have many pregnant students, however, we recommend talking with your doctor about exercises that are appropriate for you during this special time!