"Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur is Kalyn Swihart, Owner/Founder of Ballet Barre Works. After touring the world as a dancer, Kalyn’s infectious energy and authentic love for making dance accessible to everyone became the natural building blocks to a successful business in a competitive Calgary market..."

- Notable.ca - Kalyn Swihart: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneur

"Though this is the only barre class I’ve tried, the ballet-inspired workout is popping up all over the country. There’s Barreworks in Toronto, Xtend Barre in Montreal, Ballet Barre Works Studio in Calgary and Barre Fitness in Vancouver."

- Châtelaine - Barre workouts: Why we love this heart-pumping new fitness trend

"Forget that recital you did when you were six, this is not a workout for little girls.

Just give this hidden gem one class, and your mind will be completely changed about the daintiest dance around. Set to some pretty bumpin’ beats, you’ll plié and sauté your way to that awesome day-after muscle soreness, as well as improved posture, core strength, and surprisingly, cardio endurance."

- Notable.ca "Three Calgary Fitness Studios to Keep You Hot This Winter"

"In reality, barre workouts refer to Calgary’s latest fitness trend in which participants perfect their movements and stretch in studios lined with ballet barres. These barres allow participants to find balance, maintain good posture, and manipulate their bodies into deep, muscle-training poses."

- The Weal "Working Out At The Barre"

"Ballet dancers may look effortless on the floor, but according to the owner of a new studio in Calgary, it offers quite the workout. Whether you’re graceful or not, Kalyn Swihart said her studio Ballet Barre Works offers an unconventional exercise regime no matter what level of experience you have."

- Metro "Unconventional exercise in Calgary, without hitting the gym"